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I’m Alistair McIntyre, and I write books. But you already know that. That’s why you’re here. So let me tell you some things you may not know.

  • I write in multiple genres: science fiction, thriller, epic fantasy, and urban fantasy (coming soon).
  • I was born in Scotland, where I lived until I moved to Texas at the age of thirteen.
  • I’m a founding member of the4threalm.com, the indie publishing brainchild of Kris KramerPatrick Underhill, and myself.
  • Nuathreens are just like leprechauns, only angrier, and usually drunker. If you’ve read the RISE OF CITHRIA series, you know what I’m talking about.
  • I played rugby in college, so it’s miraculous I have any brain cells left to write with. Maybe that explains some things…
  • While I love writing, nothing beats reading a good book. Check out my Goodreads reading list for my recommendations, and let me know about yours! I’m always looking for new stories to sink my teeth into.

So there you have it, everything you needed to know about me and not a single mention of space monkeys, which will someday be the bane of mankind’s existence.

Check out the Books tab at the top of the page for more info on my books, or use the Amazon links below to find them. Happy reading!

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Published Work

Phalanx AlphaAmazon

Engineer – A Sigma Sector StoryAmazon

Shallow Creek – Brendan Rhodes Series Book 1Amazon
Shallow Grave – Brendan Rhodes Series Book 2Amazon

The Chosen – Rise of Cithria Series Book 1Smashwords/Amazon
The Descent – Rise of Cithria Series Book 2Amazon
The Breaking – Rise of Cithria Series Book 3Amazon
The Master – Rise of Cithria Series Book 4Amazon
Rise of Cithria Origins: Bruce and GilAmazon