Leaving Home is Never Simple…

Last year Brendan Rhodes left the Marines and returned to Shallow Creek, his small hometown in West Texas. After tackling the local meth ring, Brendan’s now looking for a place to settle down with the woman of his dreams.

A job offer from an old Marine buddy sends him off to Houston, where he starts working for a high-profile bodyguarding company. Any hopes of a quiet, peaceful life in the big city are dashed when an attempt is made on the life of a client and civilians get caught in the crossfire.

When the violence boils over into Brendan’s personal life, suburban tranquility degrades into nothing more than a pipe dream. Kidnapping, murder, and extortion are all on the agenda as a dangerous element from Brendan’s past rears its ugly head.

Who’s to blame for all the death and destruction? Will Brendan be the next to find his head on the chopping block? Find out in this action-packed follow-up to SHALLOW CREEK, where Brendan Rhodes once again finds himself skirting the edges of the law to protect his friends and family.