Part three of the epic six-part fantasy adventure!

The depths called. Our heroes answered.

Aiden and his Calderan allies descended into the Endless Caves, only for one of their own to face death, while another faced a brother sworn to kill him. Cadman led the beleaguered Anduains on a search for Eilidh, who mysteriously reunited with her beloved Ruaidhri. And a trip into the caves by Pjodarr and his Bergsbor companions ended with near-tragic consequences for them all.

But after surviving these daunting personal journeys, the ragged, outcast soldiers of these warring kingdoms finally confronted each other, only to learn that a new enemy comes for them. An enemy who draws no line between Andua, Bergmark, and Caldera.

This unstoppable army fights only for Cithria, the city of gods long thought dead. From the depths of a subterranean prison, the city rises, seeking to reclaim its former glory.

Will the combined forces of Andua, Caldera, and the Mark prove strong enough to repel the imminent invasion? Or will they succumb to the decades of civil war that led them to Cithria in the first place? Find out, in THE BREAKING.

The sequel to The Descent, and part 3 of The Rise of Cithria, an epic fantasy series from Kris Kramer, Alistair McIntyre, and Patrick Underhill. Catch the beginning of an innovative new sword and sorcery adventure with elves, dwarves, dragons, and much, much more. Visit for more details!



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