Part four of the epic six-part fantasy adventure!

The heroes of Caldera, Andua, and Bergmark finally found each other, only to be broken apart by the krait and their magic.

Confined to a deep, dark cell, Aiden struggled to find purpose while butting heads with Pjodarr, Aelfraed and Andreas. With Aiden now trapped in the dream, others must rise in his stead as the former prisoners flee from both the krait and Cort’s Black Ghouls.

Blade and Gruesome set off to find Pjodarr, bringing with them a ragtag group determined to rescue everyone captured by their enemies. A desperate battle leaves them on the run and without their friends, but with a new krait prisoner in tow.

Cadman and Eilidh led a determined band of idealists toward the source of their visions, intent on learning why they were brought to Cithria and discovering what evils the krait have in store for them. But a shocking betrayal followed by a crushing loss leaves them stranded in a vast, desolate dungeon housing creatures too grotesque and vile to ever see the light of day.

The trials grow more difficult as our heroes venture into parts of the underground city that defy imagination. Mysterious new friends join them in their quest. Powerful new enemies pursue them through the caves. All the while, Cithria is rising, and the krait stand ready to take their revenge on the world above.

Only one question remains… revenge for what?

Find out in The Master.

The sequel to The Breaking, and part 4 of The Rise of Cithria, an epic fantasy series from Kris Kramer, Alistair McIntyre, and Patrick Underhill. Catch the beginning of an innovative new sword and sorcery adventure with elves, dwarves, dragons, and much, much more. Visit for more details!